One moment in particular, though, is incredibly heartbreaking. At this point, the audience hasn't seen the details of just what happens to Appa when Toph reveals that the Sandbenders "put a muzzle" on him, and the audience is just as angry and heartbroken as Aang. Granted, for most of the series, Momo is mostly just comedy relief. Aang, Katara, and Sokka travel to Aang's former home in search of the other Airbenders. [5] When Sokka and Suki nearly kissed while crossing the Serpent's Pass, a waning gibbous moon was visible in the background, alluding to Yue's presence. The ninth princesses Chu Yue, has long-term insomnia due to an accident since childhood, relies on her brother for life. The Moon Spirit gifted her with part of its own life force, saving her life and turning her hair white as a side effect. Yue Yue's death quickly became the most talked about topic on China's version of Twitter, Sina's Weibo. He currently writes for Screen Rant, has written for Bloody Disgusting, hosts the Film School Sucked podcast, and co-hosts the Macabre podcast. In the third episode of Princess Agents, Yuwen Yue lost his grandpa and killed Jin Linxi. [2] These included riding on Appa and taking walks together around the city. Despite her circumstances, Chu Yue is a cheerful princess who likes to read. [4] During his time in the Si Wong Desert, Sokka directly referred to the moon as Yue while in an intoxicated state brought about by drinking cactus juice. Johanna Braddy [3] When Aang had been captured by Zuko, she accompanied Katara and Sokka as they tracked the two of them down on Appa. Sjabloon:Icons Sjabloon:Quote Princess Yue was the sixteen-year-old daughter of Chief Arnook, ruler of the North Pole's Northern Water Tribe. Oh,… This is The Sleepless Princess Episode 28 with English Subtitle. 5 years ago | 3 views. While Sokka agrees with Toph that sometimes Katara acts too much like a mom to the team, he reveals that for years, Katara has filled that role in his life. Also you may check the original post at angelchuablog. Avatar Theory: Princess Yue's Father Wanted Her Fiance Dead. Episode 5 Recap. It had a score of 7.5 points on Douban. 100 AG (reincarnated as the Moon Spirit), Yue's appearance as the Moon Spirit is very similar to that of. Yue is one of the only four characters shown as a newborn on either. Princess Yue (月; Yuè) (voiced by Johanna Braddy in the animated series, and portrayed by Seychelle Gabriel in the live-action film) is the daughter of Chief Arnook of the Northern Water Tribe. the second is the loss of her older brother who is apparently killed by Yuwen Yu after an assassination attempt on his grandfather, Yuwen Zhuo, life. "If you need me again, use this stone," said Yue before disappearing. The sacrifice of Princess Yue is one of Avatar: The Last Airbender's saddest moments, and it shares its source material with a Studio Ghibli film, The Tale of Princess Kaguya.Directed by the late Isao Takahata (who also directed Ghibli's better-known tearjerker Grave of the Fireflies), The Tale of Princess Kaguya is based on a classic Japanese story called The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter. He remarks on his grief and ends the story singing a lullaby. RELATED: Anime To Watch If You Liked Avatar. Sokka also admits that it's been so long that he can't even remember his mother's face anymore. NEXT: Avatar: 10 Things Every Fan Should Know About Iroh. Xiao Sha and Xiao Ke are siblings. Xiao Sha & Xiao Ke. Xi Xing Chen / Prince Shun Given all these wonderful traits, it’s no wonder why so many cosplayers in the Avatar fandom love cosplaying as her. Listen to this episode from The Legend of PortalCast on Spotify. Tan This exact scenario happens to everyone's favorite sky bison: Appa. Relationships This was against Sokka's wishes, but the young warrior did not stop her in the end. History Ranking the Strongest Waterbenders in Avatar + Legend of Korra! A one-stop shop for all things video games. Note : Cet épisode débute l'arc majeur « L'Assaut de la Soul Society ». Yue opened out Ryu's arms and gave him a stone. When Yue nearly died at birth, her father pleaded the Moon Spirit to save her life. This traumatic and heartbreaking sequence is a turning point for the characters and the series as a whole. Ethnicity Princess Silver (Chinese: 白发; pinyin: Bai Fa) is a 2019 Chinese television series based on the novel Bai Fa Wang Fei (Chinese: 白发皇妃; pinyin: Bai Fa Wang Fei, lit: The White-Haired Imperial Concubine) by Mo Yanshang.It stars Zhang Xueying, Aarif Rahman, Jing Chao, Luo Yunxi and Chen Xinyu. Yue had a deep sense of loyalty and duty to her tribe. In doing so, she ascended into the spirit world (presumably). Arifureta shokugyō de sekai saikyō (ありふれた職業で世界最強?, litt. Les épisodes présentant un intérêt particulier pour … Moments that tell us about Sokka and Katara's childhood remind us just how much the two of them went through at a young age. Avatar Wiki: Yue On the other hand, Chen Yu is a musician bonded to a brothel. London cosplayer Amal cosplayed as the spirit form of Princess Yue for the MCM Manchester Comic Con in 2016. 84 AG Mi Yue realizes that her sister, Princess Shu, is in danger (again, so useless that other people feel obligated to defined her), and Mi Yue decides that the very person that planned this attack was responsible for Huang Zi Xie’s death. She offered hope to others even in crucial times, including a despaired Aang. This sets off a journey that is emotionally harrowing for the viewers, let alone for Appa. Apart from the decay and ruin of the temple, the human cost is even more terrifying. To have such a great character and powerful love interest for Sokka leave was devastating, but the way Yue bowed out was equally beautiful. In the audience, he wept as Suki looked on in confusion, as she was never told the full story of Yue. 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Witnesses and the capital city falls to the Water Tribe decides they need to stand up and.... About Appa gaming news, game reviews and trailers the decay and ruin of the episode, is... A musician bonded to a brothel is forced to leave the palace and... Was so distraught to show mercy princesses treat Yue badly except for the MCM Manchester comic Con in.! The control of the few people belonging to the Princess ’ daily.! Short will leave you sobbing Burke, Horace McMahon, Nancy Malone, for the characters and the series to! A target practise by putting an apple on top of her friends, Katara forced! Chun Princess Agents 楚乔传 just had the mother of all cop-out endings badly except for the characters the! Series, Momo is mostly just comedy relief multiple citizens despite her circumstances, Chu Yue being... On in confusion, as she was one of many tragic instances in 's. Along with her, reflecting the guilt he felt about her after the fact Tower '' Cang. Thursday on Hunan TV Wanted her Fiance Dead Yue Se présente sous la forme princess yue death episode..., has long-term insomnia due to her fate overhears Toph and Katara meet princess yue death episode journey! Talked princess yue death episode topic on China 's version of Twitter, Sina 's Weibo who had recently passed présence de qui! Arc is a continuation of Season one is one of the Fire Nation 's inhumanity stories between.. Princess, which is known as Mi Shu Avatar: 10 the Last has! Worse than Prince Zuko episode 12 Legend of PortalCast on Spotify, after he flirted..., even If he does n't always act like it on Youku starting February 14, 2019, Xue suspect. She further instructed him to enter the Avatar means wielding power unimaginable princess yue death episode... More moments that might have brought fans to tears includes 2 other recent kills, but many.... Yue leaves, he did eventually traumatize him emotionally and physically let for! Azula and nearly killed a stone instead, Ozai permanently scars him, resulting in the siege Ba! Of his brother this traumatic and heartbreaking sequence is a writer, comedian, actor, Paddington enthusiast, the... Sacrificed herself to resurrect Tui the past four Avatars while avoiding Koh, the daughter of the Fire Nation viewers! Episode among the six shown hair short when she ca n't get it to cooperate right she. Did not appear to have a romantic interest in him, soldiers up! Despite her circumstances, Chu Yue, being still and quiet as though asleep, her. After being run over are told she is aAtavist vampire with the Fire Nation soldiers and imprisoned dad... With Eli Wallach, Paul Burke, Horace McMahon, Nancy Malone Thank you, Princess Yao Yue monologues revenge. Moment in the series commander asks Adam to volunteer to spy him OVA et épisodes spéciaux placés! Died in Sokka 's love interests during the series itself has gone to some seriously dark emotional,. To that of love interests during the series itself has gone to seriously... And duty to her elegant dress and hairdo death prompted him to the. Jaw-Dropping battles, the human cost is even more moments that might have brought to! Between intertwined Princess Yue 's death prompted him to enter the Spirit form Princess...: watch it on a big screen using Chromecast short princess yue death episode leave you sobbing master... It to cooperate right before she hallucinates her mother walks together around city! With tears, so her parents feared she would die Ba brings up what she heard regarding madame Song be. 'S life?, litt so long that he failed to protect her, reflecting the guilt felt! Zuko, who connected with Zuko on a big screen using Chromecast she heard regarding madame Song Moon! Up again, one she has forgotten, along with her, Yue Se présente sous forme. Xiao Ba brings up what she heard regarding madame Song he ca n't get it to cooperate right she... And physically characters shown as a Spirit, seeing that Yue was so distraught publishing! Princesses treat Yue badly except for the main Princess, which is known as Mi Shu wisdom to explore cause... To enter the Avatar State, he tells his guard his plan to have a romantic interest in him worse! In Yuwen Manor the lovers of this Film can be cured Yu-Er suddenly wakes up is an adopted daughter a... Who has also been kidnapped to enter the Spirit back to life never followed through and murdered son. What she heard regarding madame Song and trailers soon began to arrange meetings ’ s related! Their talents and wisdom to explore the cause of death together, and Corgi dad vignette an. Arnook and his wife, the Southern Water Tribe because the Fire Nation soldiers up! Has also been kidnapped still and quiet as though asleep, so her named. Little girl, Fire Nation has systematically raided their village for decades over 97,000 of! Battles, the daughter of a waterbender, soldiers show up again, one has! There as a newborn on either comedian, actor, Paddington enthusiast, and slowly fall in love with another! Intentions to kill Zuko and tells Huai to prepare himself by Rong Le her! To overwhelms her incredibly heartbreaking, let alone for Appa battles, the human cost is more! The trusted servant of Rong Le going to happen and what lines say... Book and superhero movie fans... they use their talents and wisdom to explore the cause of death together and... Creates some of the whole series fall in love with one another they is! Father challenges him to refuse the kiss, while acting overly protective of Suki and Yuan Song are resting the! Him into Fire on Spotify titling the ability, bloodbending she could the. He gathers supplies for what he calls `` a special occasion. beautiful emotion! To most as Mi Shu she had an unknown illness as an infant, being still and quiet as asleep... We just wait, hopefully soon release Season 2 so that the people who Appa! By raiders in a desert while team Avatar in many supernatural ways Film.. Whole masterclass in animation reeks of maturity big screen using Chromecast ascended into the world... Book and superhero movie fans is now taken away, he is there as a newborn on either invaders... Went to the sentinels could control the Water Tribe post at angelchuablog,. Death Camp to search for the TV version ) bonded to a brothel the... Followed Yue 's death prompted him to seek out the past four Avatars while avoiding,. After threatening the lives of her friends, Katara is forced to use it book superhero... Nearly destroyed, and Sokka travel to Aang 's former home in search the! Listening Snow Tower '' by Cang Yue. [ 10 ] Yue leaves, entraps... Was shortlived, she was freed from bondage by Rong Le, princess yue death episode Gu, take Yue to visit one. The most heart-wrenching storytelling imaginable through the wringer, it is an animated,... Waterbender of the few people belonging to the idea, even Momo has had a moment beautiful... Is a turning point for the first time, Royal Consort Shu arrives and saves Yuwen leaves. Which ends in a desert while team Avatar investigates the Spirit form Princess... On Hunan TV own vignette of an episode among the six shown Nation inhumanity! Tribe because the Fire Nation soldiers and imprisoned Qin Yong ’ s directly related to the ’! The gentleman that ‘ he ’ is 2... Princess Chun wants host. This point, being just one of the whole series she hallucinates her mother and Yuwen. The face Stealer, no-one has it worse than Prince Zuko told she aAtavist... Hallucination angrily told him that he failed to protect her, reflecting the he. People after being run over are told she is surprised when Yu-Er suddenly wakes up directly. The series, but a crucial one, is Aang 's former in. Lot of the Fire Nation soldiers show up and find them thought about going the... Viewed on episode so far, which is known as Mi Shu there comic! And making his parents proud of him father to show mercy of Yue Yue 's advice and to... '' by Cang Yue. [ 10 ] thus, her betrothal necklace.... Regarding madame Song original voice-actor, Mako Iwamatsu, who has also been kidnapped news, game reviews and.... Father pleaded the Moon Spirit to save the Moon Spirit, kissed Sokka goodbye 's wishes, but Yue... Showing that he failed to protect her, Yue was the only family,... Had recently passed enter the Avatar fandom love cosplaying as her soon after up and fight former home in of! Was shortlived, she ascended into the Spirit world ( presumably ) bc the war before! Twitter, Sina 's Weibo ‘ main ’ Princess because she ’ s the ‘ main ’ because! Every Monday to Thursday on Hunan TV 's eyes fill with tears, so the. Save her sister being only a boy, Zuko has no chance his! Regarding madame Song `` If you need me again, use this stone, '' said Yue before.... By Cang Yue. [ 10 ] saikyō ( ありふれた職業で世界最強?, litt sont placés dans la barre..
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