IT Util Sp. z.o.o. was established in 2008. It has been providing help to its Clients...



IT Util Sp. z o.o., by providing professional service to companies related to energy...



Along with the leaders on programming market (SAP, Apple, Microsoft), we aim...

About IT Util

IT Util is an independent company. Its strong base consists of a team of consultants and programmers with experience in implementing, servicing and developing different SAP systems SAP (ERP, CRM, FSCM, SRM, SCM, ISU, IST ...).

The company is also involved in:

  • organization of projects,
  • proof of concept,
  • IT consulting,
  • providing analyses,
  • auditing IT systems.

In 2010 IT Util obtained the status of SAP Extended Business Program.
In 2012 IT Util obtained the status of SAP Partner Services.
In 2015 IT Util obtained the status of SAP VAR.
In 2015 IT Util obtained the status of SAP Recognized Expertise in Utilities.

Since the beginning of our business activitiy, we have been providing services connected to implementing, servicing and developing SAP applications. SAP systems which are maintained by our company, provide service to more than 20,000 users. IT Util provides remote service to SAP systems on all continents, including Asia (and China).

Our consultants took part in implementing SAP systems which provide service to from 500 thousand to 1 billion of business Partners and hundreds to tens of thousands SAP users. Implementation processes in which we took part involved data migration from third party systems to SAP systems and integration with external systems.

In SAP for Utilities our consultants are one of the most experienced and valued experts in Poland. For years we have been supporting Utilities leaders in creating and implementing strategies which ensure core values of organizations with the use of up-to-date IT technologies. The combination of experience in managing and restructurization of Utilities companies and practical knowledge about the latest IT solutions is our best quality.

The quality of services provided by IT Util is certified through various references.

We are also partnered with companies SAP, Apple and Microsoft.

The company profile

IT Util Sp. z o.o.  was established in 2008. It has been providing help to its Clients in creating complex business-IT solutions which support operational, creative and sales processes.

IT Util's strategy is to provide Clients with strong support in creating integrated business-IT environment and after the process of creation is finished, in exploitation of its elements. Our experience helps in independent building of such environment according to presented requirements.

Aiming at maximum satisfaction of our Clients, we focus especially on designing and building a consistent business-IT environment starting from the level of business processes. We plan the environment in order to make it flexible for different solutions and different needs.

Implementing and servicing projects are conducted according to global standards, such as PRINCE2, TOGAF, ITIL, ISTQB, BPMN and ASAP.

Along with leaders of the programming market (SAP, Apple, Microsoft) we aim at using and transferring the knowledge of Best Practice and latest IT technologies into the business world.


IT Util, by providing professional service to companies related to energy, production, trading and public sector, acquired practical knowledge in terms of organizing business processes, best practice, architecture of IT solutions and experience in ensuring effective support regarding IT business solutions. Our knowledge is supported with years of practice of realizing some of the biggest projects in Poland.

IT Util also possesses practical experience in terms of legal and regulatory issues as well as specifity of Polish market. We are able to maintain effectively restructurization processes and processes of creating integrated business-IT environment of a company in terms of: processes, IT organization, systems and infrastructure.

We do not limit our offer to implementing the latest integrated IT technologies- this is the final stage of the bigger process of creating an integrated IT environment. While creating such environment, we apply a complex approach which meets needs and a company's strategy through its business processes, IT architecture, re-organization of IT functions in order to establish real advantages and rates of return related to on-going investments.

Our employees took part in the biggest implementation and restructurization projects realized in Poland in companies such as PSE Operator, BOT Gropu, PGE Group, Energa Group, RWE, EDF. We have years of experience acquired through co-operation with the biggest consulting companies. We stand out due to unique experience in case of implementing and exploitation of CIS class solutions based on SAP for Utilities solutions in Polish companies and their integration with IT environment.

Every day we prove our competence of the global market by taking part in service and development of SAP systems which give service to more than 25 thousand SAP users and more than 300 company codes.

We are able to independently implement and develop SAP solutions to offer our Clients professional approach and confirmed high standard of our services with an attractive price.


Along with the leaders on programming market (SAP, Apple, Microsoft), we aim at maximum use and transfer of knowledge of Best Practice and the latest IT technologies into the business world.

SAP technology

We specialize in designing, servicing, developing, optimizing, upgrading and auditing SAP systems:
  • SAP for Utilities
  • SAP for Telecommunications
  • SAP for Public
  • SAP ArchiveLink
  • SAP Business Workflow
  • SAP Business Connector
  • SAP Interfaces ALE/EDI, BAPI, RFC
  • SAP Migration Tools
  • Layout
  • ABAP, WebDynpro for ABAP, Object Oriented ABAP
  • User Management & Authorizations

Apple technology

We specialize in producing applications for Apple devices: ipod, iphone and ipad. Our applications for Apple are devoted mainly to individual market where they are popular and welcomed. For our business Clients we design dedicated applications for Apple mobile devices.

Microsoft technology

We engage in designing and programming applications for Office365 and SharePoint. Solutions provided by us support operational activities of a business.